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Kreyol Basketball Championship 2024 

The Kréyol Basketball Championship is a concept of the first the result of a sports cooperation between three actors of sports and tourism in the Caribbean:

Caraïbes Sport et Développement Durable | 767 Sports Club | In Nature Tours!

We have partnered with the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association and the Guadeloupe League!

The main objectives of the concept are:

  • to build and promote borderless Caribbean cooperation through sports in the dynamics of sustainable development for the benefit of all working generations from 7 to 77 years old.
  • to organize events merging tourism, sport, the youth, education and culture in the Caribbean islands and internationally with the diversity and richness of Caribbean diasporas around the world. 
  • to reveal and enhance the identity of "Nasyon Kréyol" through sport and culture.

This will be an annual championship which will have different rounds of games. The final round of games will be hosted in Dominica annually in August. The Dominica National Senior team will be invited to participate in two rounds in Guadeloupe to help promote the finals.  This is a sports tourism driven tournament to assist in promoting Dominica as destination for Sports and event Tourism.

During the tournament Dominica ads will be shown and display at the various venues. Dominican products will also be available and the opportunity to invite persons and large groups to Dominica in August and to various festivals throughout the year.

For more Information:

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