About us

We Plan You Sewo is a Carnival planning services provider. We help you experience Dominica Carnival and serve as your local connection to everything you need for a stress-free, no hassle Carnival.

We Plan You Sewo Package 

Hotel stay for selected travel dates

  • Your hotel stay includes daily breakfast and WIFI

Transportation (private driver)

  • Round-trip airport transfer
  • Shuttle to and from two events
  • Carnival Monday and Tuesday Shuttle to and from the band.
  • Additional transportation paid for a la carte.

Professional Photography

  • Professional photographers on de road on Monday and Tuesday!

Flight Booking Assistance

  • Need help finding the best flight options? Just let us know!

Pick-up + Delivery

  • We pick up and deliver your costume and jouvert packages.

Costume Selection

  • Check out the bands we work with: www.fantacytribe.com


  • Interested in a tour on your trip? We got you!

Special Request

  • Need anything else? Just let us know!


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