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Help shape the future of leadership in sports in Dominica.

Saturday 7th October, 2023

UWI Open Campus

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

We need leaders in sports with skills that include emotional intelligence and adaptability!

Sports is an industry.

Just like any other multimillion-dollar (and in some cases, multibillion-dollar) industry, it needs strong leadership. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership must be steadier and more purposeful than ever, armed with a new vision. These leaders must be prepared to not only make a difference on the field of play but also off the field.

"There need to be an understanding of the complexities in today's sports industry."

The context of the sports industry has changed a lot in recent years — and with it, so has the need for a new kind of leadership in sports. Leaders must lead the business while also navigating the complexities associated with satisfying demanding athletes, fans, executive members and stakeholders.

There are leagues and teams — but also agencies and deal-doers. Historically, the industry had more generalists, but we're seeing increasing numbers of very specialized media platforms, plus all that's happening with the opening up of gambling, what that means in terms of data suppliers, and the infrastructure required to facilitate the push to develop direct-to-consumer relationships."

These relationships and media developments are expanding the ways that teams connect with fans and build engagement. Professional teams have added sources of revenue outside matches, including hosting conferences.

"The most effective sports industry leaders will continue finding new ways to reach their current and prospective fan base."

Who is the target Audience for the forum?

Focus on:

  • Athletes 
  • All National Associations 
  • Ministry of Sports 
  • Ministry of Tourism 
  • Ministry of Education 
  • Fans
  • Private Sector


  • A fundamental connection to sports  
  • Commitment to diversity in sports
  • Ability to manage through uncertainty and politics in sports.   
  • Focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and shared purpose in sports.  
  • Filling in skills gaps: a realistic approach to sports leadership 
  • An emotionally intelligent approach to the people and business of sports  

After the Forum we must start to understand the importance of sports to our society and sports as an industry!

  • Sports is a key pillar of modern society, and it is directly linked to the population's physical and mental well-being.

  • Sports have a direct effect on societies on multiple levels, from supporting entire nations to vulnerable groups, children, and youth education.
  • It can develop socialization, inclusion, or integration, which are catalysts for social cohesion. In its educational function, sports are an essential part of the development of young people.
  • Sports are also a driver for public health, as a stimulant for the health and well-being of the population.
  • The cultural purpose is also noteworthy, allowing everyone to recognize himself or herself with his or her community, school, country.
  • Sports activity also represents a meaningful economic impact, with strong synergies in health and tourism.
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