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Welcome to the Kweyol Youth Football Cup

The Kweyol  Youth Football Cup is an initiative of In Nature Tours & da Next Level Sports Management and Recruiting Group 

Our mission is to promote the best regional and international football experience for players and coaches with the highest standards of quality, integrity, and friendliness.

The Kweyol Nations Youth Football Cup 2023 is a youth football tournament for the region's youth teams/club/academies which aims at promoting youth football, unleash the sporting potentials of the next generation emerging football stars, channeling energies towards a positive influence in the society and more so help the youths to their dreams of becoming the next generation emerging champions.

The Kweyol Youth Football Cup 2023 is a youth-oriented tournament which is also sighted to "Promoting Sustainable Development Through Sports" and to promote values amongst these youths through sports.

This regional and international football tournament is Dominica response to similar international youth football tournaments. It is intended to compliment the work of the Dominica Football Association and the Sports Division.

The Kweyol Youth Football Cup 2023 is open to football academies regionally and internationally, affiliated to national football federations of their country in the U-20 male category. The tournament is also open to youth academy teams of elite football clubs.

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