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Our mission

Inspire and empower every student-athlete in Dominica to win their future.

We support student-athletes in their self-discovery and journey to playing their sport in college.

We instill skills and habits that form a foundation for success by enabling access to college coaches and expert guidance, by leading innovation in sports-minded education, by building a talented team that inspires the next generation of athletes, and by making a positive impact on our communities.

Discover the tools to take control of your future.

We provide access to college coaches and recruiting guidance.

All student-athletes should have equal access to college coaches. We create a large college recruiting platform, so every athlete can connect with college coaches and get discovered.

Our college search tool helps you find opportunities in colleges across the US. Our platform has a data-driven approach to matching you to schools where you have the best chances at getting recruited – ones you didn't even know were out there. 

Maximize your potential on a platform built for student athletes.

We are innovating at the intersection of athletic and academic development.

To us, being a student-athlete is more than just the wins and losses. It starts from within. Teamwork, leadership, discipline, confidence, taking risks, learning from failures – We apply these lessons to all aspects of our education platforms to help maximize potential, both on and off the field.

Our unique, holistic approach offers:

  • Cutting-edge mental performance training
  • The latest guidance on athlete nutrition
  • Athletic skills training and development
  • Top caliber academic programming to prepare tomorrow's leaders 

We are not just looking for any school, but the best fit for your future career.  

No matter your sports, we've got you covered.

Any intercollegiate sport you could possibly think of which is being played in college. Think basketball, soccer, track & field. Think cricket or volleyball.  

And the best part about it, get started right away. Pick your sport and we will help you create a recruiting profile.

A well-rounded admissions game plan for athletic recruits

Da Next Level Sports Management & Recruiting Group works with many aspiring college athletes and has successfully helped them through the recruitment and application process. Students come to us to be recruited from a range of sports, from soccer to basketball, cricket to track and field, and more.

Our college consultants demystify athletic recruiting, providing hands-on guidance for each step of the process.

Of course, exceptional athletic skills are essential to garnering the attention of college coaches but that's only one part of the equation.

Colleges also consider a number of other factors when making admissions decisions, including students' academic, intellectual, and extracurricular accomplishments. Colleges also recruit students who have excellent interpersonal skills and would make invaluable team members. For that reason, we coach students on preparing for official team visits, writing to coaches, participating in recruitment interviews, developing player profile and more.

Athletic Recruiting Services

We work with students on all aspects of the college preparation, application, and admissions process to provide them the best possible opportunities.

Our athletic admissions consulting services include:

  • Explaining how athletic recruitment works and detailing key milestones for a particular sport;
  • Developing college lists and helping families understand how recruitment impacts their chances at each school;

  • Guiding students through athletic application timelines;

  • Creating personalized standardized testing strategies for students, including deciding which test(s) to take, when, and how to prepare
  • Preparing students for their admissions pre-read;
  • Helping student athletes develop their leadership profiles on and off the field;

  • Helping students navigate all non-athletic aspects of high school and meet the academic benchmarks colleges require;

  • Working with students to develop strong application materials, including those specific to athletic recruitment, such as athletic resumes, communication with coaches, and more.


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Flexible pricing to fit your needs.

The Next Level Advantage

In addition to our athletic-recruiting-specific services, all students who work with Next Level receive:

  • Clear goals and a roadmap for getting into their colleges;
  • A personalized, multi-year strategy for maximizing their admissions potential;
  • Help honing academic and extracurricular strengths;
  • Advice on intellectual enrichment, study skills, and academic improvement;
  • Guidance on application and essay development to ultimately submit stellar college applications;
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