Carnival - February 12 & 13, 2024

The Caribbean's most original Carnival, dubbed 'The Real Mas', Mas Domnik brings together African and French traditions and attracts revellers from far and wide to witness a dazzling display of social solidarity and a cultural explosion of music, art and dance. 

Jazz N Creole Festival May 2024 

Dominica's Jazz 'n Creole Festival is a festive fusion of Jazz Music with Creole Music, Food, and Culture. First presented by Discover Dominica Authority in 2010, the festival has been well received each year as patrons appreciate the inviting and casual ambience of one of Dominica's major tourism attractions.

Brace yourselves for Dominica's World Creole Music Festival 2024! Save the dates: Oct 25th-27th, 2024!

Launched to promote the Dominican tourism product and create a world class platform for indigenous Dominican music, the World Creole Music Festival has become a renowned staple on the regional music gala calendar. Over a trinity of enthralling evenings beginning on the final Friday in October each year, patrons are treated to a cavalcade of star power, emanating from the Caribbean, French Antilles, Africa and North America, arranged to thrill the seasoned festival goer and novice alike.

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