Maximize your visibility!

Get ready for the ultimate sporting experience. Join our College/PRO showcase and take your recruitment to the next level.

At our College & PRO showcase, our goal is to educate players AND parents on the entire process while our recruiters and coaches work with your players! We cap our registrations to make sure each of our players is really noticed and highlighted well among the coaching staff.

We will have virtual meetings with parents and offer evaluations on-site at the showcase for all players!

After completing the showcase, players will have a solid base and understanding of the techniques and habits that make college and pro players successful. 

What to Expect:

  • Two days of intensive training and skill-building sessions
  • Scrimmages and games to showcase your talent.
  • Personal interactions with coaches and recruiter
  • Valuable insights on the collegiate and professional recruitment process
  • Networking opportunities and player evaluations

Why Attend?

  • Gain exposure to recruiters seeking talent
  • Receive expert guidance to elevate your game through the Soccer Profile platform.
  • Learn about scholarship opportunities and eligibility.
  • Forge connections with who can shape your future.

Who will be at the Showcase:

JMS Sport Concepts is a Caribbean based consulting company which maintains alliances with Scouting agencies, Universities and sport teams in the Caribbean, South America, USA, Africa and Europe.

Our goal is to seek the best college aged talent in ALL sports with an opportunity to be assessed and guided to collegiate scholarships, professionals or placement by our expert scouting team.

JMS has a dedicated partnership with Mr. Nathaniel Swopes of the Swopes Athletic Recruiting & Scouting Company, Chicago Illinois and it is the relationship that we wish to utilize in this talent search. We also have regional relationships with Club Sando of the Trinidad and Tobago Premier League, NV Notch and Transvaal of the SVB Topklasse in Suriname, KSA Academy of Norcross, Georgia which is part of the MLS NEXT Program.

Our development process is a journey--not a destination. Every player's journey is unique. Whether you are an up-and-coming prospect or a player seeking a fresh start, you will meet your match at KSA. You provide the hard work, commitment, and positive attitude, and we'll put you on a path to success.

We focus on monitoring progress for each individual player. At KSA, you are not just a number on a team. You are very important to the process of our club development.

Our unique strategy develops players during practices and games. We treat every game, every practice, and every scrimmage like a championship game to achieve maximum potential.

We build players that can have success at the college and professional level. KSA develops quality individuals with strong futures in soccer and in life.

Registration Fee:  Da Next Level Members: US$35    Non-Members US$75



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